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'Beauty and the Beast' Kristin Kreuk's Catherine Chandler Fashion


Are you in love with 'Beauty and the Beast' Catherine Chandler's style as much as I am? If the answer is a resounding 'yes', then thank the talented Emmy nominated costume designer Catherine Ashton (@DesigningAshton)! She is the one responsible for making our favorite detective, Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), look her very best. Thank you, Catherine! And if you're like me and want all of Cat's clothes in your closet, then start breaking those piggy banks ladies, because you're in luck! Here are some awesome sites that provide great information on Beauty and the Beast's fashion and Cat's cool outfits!


Worn On TV

bb catherine style 01



Possessionista: For The Fashionably Compulsive

bb catherine style 02



CatcentStyle Tumblr

bb catherine style 03



Love it!

To read my previous post on Catherine Chandler's Style: CLICK HERE (Still in love with Cat's 'Any Means Possible' gown)

Also, make sure to follow Catherine Ashton (Queen #Feastie) on Twitter @DesigningAshton! She is so awesome and very interactive with fans! She's also sharing juicy fashion 411 every Friday: Check BATBNation for more info!


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