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'Real Style' Kristin Kreuk Interview [Winter 2014] 'Christmas Traditions'


A festive Kristin Kreuk interview from 'Real Style Magazine' (Winter 2014) revealing some sweet family holiday traditions.

bb kk real style magazine winter 2014

From: Real Style Network

"On holiday traditions:

We always did a Christmas tree, decorated it and did the Santa Claus thing. My favourite part about that time of year was that we didn't have to go to school and that was amazing. We always had a nice Christmas dinner, which I liked, and it always included my favourite foods. I don't eat turkey anymore, but back then I ate turkey and it was so yummy. Our holidays were very mellow with a lot of book reading and listening to music and hanging out.

Favourite part about the holidays:

I always get together with my family and spend the time with them. My birthday is during that time as well. It is a family time, but it also feels like a time of introspection. It's cold and you aren't going outside a whole lot, so it's a time to go inside and reflect upon this past year." ~ Kristin Kreuk (Real Style - Winter 2014)

To read the complete 'Real Style' interview: CLICK HERE

To see magazine page: CLICK HERE

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