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"World of Lana Lang" is an unofficial fan site dedicated to DC comics character Lana Lang. This website explores all facets of her character, from her first appearance in the 'Superboy' and 'Superman' comics to her latest incarnation in the upcoming film Man Of Steel. Our mission is to support, promote, and provide everything and anything related to this fascinating character and the actresses who have portrayed her. So, look around, have fun, and enjoy your visit here in "Lana's World"!

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When We First Met Lana Lang As An Adult

April 18, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly


Comic Book Resources highlighted Lana Lang's first appearance as an adult in their cool weekly feature, "When We First Met..."


Lana Lang in "Superman #78"

blog superman 78 comic

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"First Lana Lang as an Adult

Lana Lang first showed up in Superboy's adventures in 1950. Less than two years later, she was popping up in the pages of Superman as an adult in Superman #78."


To see more great comic scans from CBR of Lana's first appearance as an adult as well as scans of Leslie Thompkins first appearance in "Batman" and the first time "Spider-Man's" spider-sensed tingled:  CLICK HERE


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