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"World of Lana Lang" is an unofficial fan site dedicated to DC comics character Lana Lang. This website explores all facets of her character, from her first appearance in the 'Superboy' and 'Superman' comics to her latest incarnation in the upcoming film Man Of Steel. Our mission is to support, promote, and provide everything and anything related to this fascinating character and the actresses who have portrayed her. So, look around, have fun, and enjoy your visit here in "Lana's World"!

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EW's Early Scoop on 'Beauty and the Beast'

May 25, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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EW has the early scoop on several new shows coming this fall to a T.V. near you, including of course, our personal favorite, 'Beauty and the Beast'!


ew early scoop bb may 25 2012

From: ew.com


Romance is a tale as old as time (I HAD TO!), but there are a lot of obstacles standing between Kristen Kreuk's Catherine and Beast (Jay Ryan) before they get anywhere close to the big R. At least, that's what the stars told me when they stopped by EW last week during upfronts week.

"Obviously you can't bring these two characters together without difficulty," says Kreuk, pointing out the pair's "instant connection." "It's a journey."

In the pilot, says Ryan, fans will get a very good idea of just how rocky that path will be. "Vincent has been celibate for, like, 10 years. And there's a moment where he's touched for the first time by Catherine and there's an animalistic flinch. It's going to take a lot for these two characters to trust one another," he says."

Beast has been celibate for 10 years?!! No wonder he has anger issues, ha!

To read the full write-up, click here

More Positive Feedback For 'Beauty and the Beast' From 'LA Screenings'

May 25, 2012 1 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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More positive feedback for 'Beauty and the Beast' from 'LA Screenings'!

blog beauty and the beast first promo

From: c21media

"CBS's Holmes-inspired drama Elementary, The CW's Arrow – based on a DC Comics character who bears more than a passing resemblance to Robin Hood – and the latest televised take on Beauty & the Beast are among the more promising titles revealed last week by the US networks, according to Christina Laczka, group director for the Toronto-based media buying firm PhD Canada."

To read full article click here



To read the previously reported 'positive feedback' click here.

Emily Procter Honors Producer Jerry Bruckheimer

May 25, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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According to jewishjournal, 'The Museum of Tolerance' held its annual 'National Tribute Dinner' last week, at the Beverly Hilton, where Emily Procter presented the humanitarian award to mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

blog emily procter 02

From: jewishjournal

"Actress Emily Procter, star of "CSI: Miami," presented Bruckheimer with his award, but instead of focusing her remarks on the producer, she told an impromptu story about her first real estate purchase. After a seemingly meandering tale about the obstacles in purchasing this home and the magnificent orange tress that sat in the backyard, it turned out the owner was a Holocaust survivor who, when learning of her appreciation for the trees, granted her the sale.

Visibly choked up, Procter said, "He planted those trees in honor of his family"—who perished in the Holocaust—"and he said, 'I'll sell you the house if you care for the trees."

To read the full article click here

Kristin Kreuk - 'Fashion 18' 2002 Article & Photo-Shoot

May 25, 2012 10 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Latest images added to our 'World of Lana Lang Gallery'!


An article featuring Kristin Kreuk from 'Fashion 18' (Fall 2002) & photo-shoot:

blog fashion18 fall 2002 kk

Photographs by: Kharen Hill

"On the show, Kreuk's character is a beautiful, horse-riding, girl-next-door type who is the object of most of the male characters' affections. This summer, life may imitate art when she meets one of her closest friends at his all-boys college in Nevada. Is she afraid she'll get swarmed? "I'll be fine. They're not the type of guys that...they're not the typical males. At least I'm going to keep telling myself that until I go!" she laughs" ~ 'Fashion 18' (Fall 2002)


To view the 'Fashion 18' article scans: Click Here

To view the 'Fashion 18' photo-shoot: Click Here


Credit to kristinkreuknet, kristinkreukweb, Maria, Mikey & Jana

'Beauty and the Beast' Behind-the-Scene Image!

May 24, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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A great 'Beauty and the Beast' behind-the-scene image has surfaced!


Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) and Joe Bishop (Brian White)

bb bts promo

Image Credit: @CWBeautyBeast (twitter)


Cool! Can't wait to see Kristin Kreuk back in action!

Michael McKean in Stable Condition After Being Struck By Car

May 23, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Several online sources are reporting that actor Michael McKean is in stable condition after being struck by a car in New York City.


blog annette otoole southern comfort event

From: nydailynews.com

"McKean, 64, who played Lenny on the hit television show, was seen bleeding from the head after a car barreled into him at W. 86th St. and Broadway just before 3 p.m., witnesses and the FDNY said...His status was upgraded to stable condition at the hospital where doctors discovered he had a broken leg, according to his publicist Harriet Sternberg...McKean's wife, actress Annette O'Toole, was flying from Los Angeles — where the couple also has a home — to be by her husband's side, Sternberg said...to read the complete article along with some images of the scene click here (warning: images may be a little graphic for some)


This is such sad news :( Our thoughts are with Michael and Annette during this difficult time and hoping for a quick and full recovery!


Annette O'Toole has recently tweeted an update on husband's McKean's condition (@JimmyJindo):

"Surgery went great. He took 4 steps just now. Sitting in chair. Very good attitude..."


Also, thanked McKean's fans for sending well-wishes.

"Thank you dear people for your love and support. @MJMcKean and I so appreciative. He is getting great care. Spirits are good. Grateful, we."


Wonderful News! :)

New Photos of Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan at the 'L.A. Screenings' Event

May 23, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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New images of Kristin Kreuk and 'Beauty and the Beast' co-star, Jay Ryan attending 'L.A. Screenings' event, looking quite marvelous, have surfaced!


bb la screenings may 22 2012 01 danielle rowland

Photo Credit: @rowly38 (twitter)


bb la screenings may 22 2012 02 cbsstutiosintl

Photo Credit: @CBSIntlTweet (twitter)

"#BeautyandtheBeast‬ stars @mekristinkreuk and ‪#JayRyan‬ with big fans from @TV1Australia ‪#CBSLAS2012" ~ @CBSIntlTweet


Special thanks to Pippin for the info!

Emily Procter Gets 'Plugged In'

May 22, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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According to marketwatch, Emily Procter will be appearing in Yahoo!'s first reality competition series launching May 29 titled, 'Plugged In'. Her co-star will be non-other than a Ford Focus Electric Car (Ford's first all-electric, gas-free passenger car)!


bios subpage emily procter

From: marketwatch

"'Plugged In' features two-person teams competing against each other in a series of challenges. The series begins May 29 with actor David Arquette guiding contestants through challenges at some of his favorite Los Angeles locales. Subsequent episodes will feature different celebrities taking contestants and viewers on an intimate tour of their respective hometowns, discovering hidden cultural gems and "best of" locations in their city. The winning teams in each city will move on to participate in the finale event in Los Angeles, where they will compete with teams from other regions for the chance to win a Ford Focus Electric. The series will crown a winning team in a finale episode on Aug. 7."


This online reality show will be airing on 'Yahoo's Video Destination'

Emily Procter's segment, which will focus on her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, is scheduled to air on July 17th.



To learn more about 'Plugged In': Click Here

Photos of Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan Interviewed at The CW Upfronts

May 21, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Some nice images of Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan being interviewed at The CW Upfronts in NY from poptimal.


blog bb kk jr interviewed cw upfront 01Image Credit: poptimal


blog bb kk jr interviewed cw upfront 02          blog bb kk jr interviewed cw upfront 03


blog bb kk jr interviewed cw upfront 04          blog bb kk jr interviewed cw upfront 05


To view more photos as well as a breakdown of The CW TV schedule: click here


Nice! Hopefully, the interview will be made available.

Thanks to Pippin for the info!



Kristin Kreuk - 'SFX #127' 2005 Article

May 21, 2012 15 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Latest images added to our 'World of Lana Lang Gallery'!


Kristin Kreuk article from 'SFX #127' (February 2005) promoting 'Smallville'.

blog sfx 127 feb 2005 article

"Unfortunately, I was sick when we did that episode ['Spell'] but it was still great fun to do, especially the witchcraft stuff from the 16th Century. I can't describe how much I enjoyed doing that, particularly as I was actually dreading filming that night because I was like, 'Oh my gosh, we're going to film until 3 am and it's going to be cold and I'm feeling like death warmed over.' But I had such a great time. I was just making a fool of myself but it was all good. And, working with the girls...We all get along very well so the three of us all strutting together being 'ho's...it was hilarious." ~ Kristin Kreuk 'SFX #127' (February 2005)


To view the 'SFX' article scans: Click Here