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"World of Lana Lang" is an unofficial fan site dedicated to DC comics character Lana Lang. This website explores all facets of her character, from her first appearance in the 'Superboy' and 'Superman' comics to her latest incarnation in the upcoming film Man Of Steel. Our mission is to support, promote, and provide everything and anything related to this fascinating character and the actresses who have portrayed her. So, look around, have fun, and enjoy your visit here in "Lana's World"!

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10 Most Baffling Moments in Silver Age Lois Lane Comics

March 30, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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io9.com listed their '10 Most Baffling Moments in Lois Lane and Superman's Love Life' and Lana Lang is highlighted.


blog supermans girlfriend lois lane 10 panel

8.) Lois turns into a baby (again)

Incidentally, Lois had her age reversed every other week during the Silver Age of Comics. In 1959's Lois Lane #10, our mishap-prone heroine activates a de-aging machine and accidentally becomes an infant. To teach her a lesson about vanity, Superman will only feed her the antidote via baby bottle. It's worth mentioning that Batman's exhibited similar predilections to spanking.

Hahahaha...gotta love those crazy Silver Age comics!

To read the rest of io9's baffling Silver Age Lois Lane moments CLICK HERE

Special thanks to Pete for the info! ;)


Kristin Kreuk: EW's 'Screen Queen' 2001

March 29, 2012 2 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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In 2001, EW.com selected their top 'Screen Queens - TV's Women of the Year' and Kristin Kreuk made their list!


blog sv pilot lana lang

"Here are TV's women of the year

They come from many different walks of life: a medical examiner, a lawyer, an anchorwoman, a nurse, a graduate student by day/double agent by night. They're smart. They're strong. And yes, they're not too hard on the eyes, either. They're TV's Women of the Year:

Kristin Kreuk, ''Smallville''

Why does high-schooler Clark Kent (Tom Welling) feel his knees turn to jelly whenever he gets near Kreuk's hometown girl Lana Lang? Maybe it's those almond-shaped eyes. Maybe it's the Mona Lisa-like smile. Okay, that Kryptonite necklace she always wears might have something to do with it, too."

To see who else made the list that year, CLICK HERE

Action Comics #6 [Back-up Story]

March 28, 2012 2 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Action Comics #6 (April 2012) 'Lana Lang' summary & review!

I've finally written a brief summary and review for this comic story, which marked Lana's debut in the 'New 52.'

blog action 06 april 2012 cover

Action #6 [Back-up Story]

Title: "Last Day" [Back-up Story]

Cover Date: April 2012


Story By: Sholly Fisch

Art By: Chriscross

Coloring By: Jose Villarrubia

Lettering By: Carlos M. Mangual

Edited By: Matt Idelson & Will Moss


To read the summary/review CLICK HERE

To learn more about this comic book series CLICK HERE

Kristin Kreuk 'Beauty & the Beast' Candids

March 26, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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A couple of nice Kristin Kreuk 'Beauty & the Beast' candids...


Nina Lisandrello, the actress set to play Catherine's (Kristin Kreuk) friend in CW's 'Beauty & the Beast', posted a photo of her and Kristin on her tumblr page.

blog kk beauty and the beast 03

Credit: ninagraffiti.tumblr.com


Also, Villaggio110 tweeted and uploaded a pic of Kristin:

"Villaggio110 tweeted: Filming @villaggio110 today @anthbarb with actress Kristen Kreuk"

blog kk beauty and the beast 04

Credit: Villaggio110


Special thanks to SultanOfSix & Pippin for the info!

New Kristin Kreuk 'Beauty & the Beast' Set Photos

March 26, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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New Kristin Kreuk images on the set of CW's 'Beauty & the Beast' T.V. Pilot have surfaced!


blog kk beauty and the beast 01     blog kk beauty and the beast 02

Credit: celebshut.com                                            Credit: newscom.com


From: justjared.com

"Kristin Kreuk walks around the set of her new pilot, Beauty and the Beast, on Friday (March 23) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 29-year-old actress will be playing the female lead, Catherine, in CW's reboot of the '80s series, which aired on CBS..." to read more CLICK HERE


She looks great!

To view more images click HERE and HERE! [Type 'Kristin Kreuk' in Search Box]

Stacy Haiduk AUSXIP Charity Auction

March 26, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Hey everyone, missed me? Well, I definitely missed you! I have a lot of 'Lana Lang' catching up to do! So, let's get started with Stacy Haiduk's AUSXIP charity auction going on RIGHT NOW!


blog stacy haiduk


From: stacyhaiduk.info

"The annual AUSXIP charity auction in association with The Starship Foundation of New Zealand is now live. Starship provides health care for children, our site is proud to support their work by participating in this auction.

The auction will run from March 21-27 at charity.ausxip.com. You have a chance to bid on a wide variety of rare items signed by daytime and prime time stars, including Lucy Lawless (Xena, Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus), Renee O'Connor (Xena, Ark), Crystal Chappell (DAYS, GL, Venice), Erin Cummings (Bitch Slap, Spartacus), Adrienne Wilkinson (Xena, Star Wars) and Viva Binaca, Campbell Cooley, Lesley-Ann Brandt from Spartacus..."


The following are some of the items Stacy Haiduk donated of interest to Lana Lang fans:

Skype Chat with Stacy Haiduk

Autographed Stacy Haiduk Season One of Superboy

Amazing Heroes #166 – 1989 Interview Autographed Stacy Haiduk


Very Cool! There are many more cool items, so be sure to check them all out! The auction ends March 27, 2012 (tomorrow!), so don't delay and place your bid and support this wonderful cause!

To learn more about this charity auction, visit stacyhaiduk.info!

Kristin Kreuk - Teen People Photo-Shoot 2002 & Video Clip

March 08, 2012 10 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Latest images added to our 'World of Lana Lang Gallery'!


Kristin Kreuk 'Teen People' photo-shoot [April 2002]

blog teen people april 2002 davis factor

Photographs By: Davis Factor



To view images - CLICK HERE

Credit to Nick, marie, & kkweb


The photo-shoot was for 'Teen People' magazine highlighting their "25 Hottest Stars Under 25." Kristin was one of the 10 voted winners. The photo-shoot was also filmed and beginning on May 3, 2002, AOL in partnership with 'Teen People', showcased exclusive footage to its members. The footage eventually aired on MTV the following day (Saturday, May 4th 2002).


'Teen People' Photo-Shoot 2002 - "25 Hottest Stars Under 25"

YouTube Link - Credit: ParadoxBoxs


From 'American Online': "...They scorch the stage and screen and are now burning up cyberspace - they're TEEN PEOPLE magazine's "25 Hottest Stars Under 25": -- Kristin Kreuk of Smallville talks about her TV character Lana Lang, and what her favorite television show is..."

To read AOL's full press release - CLICK HERE


From teenpeople.com: "THINKING SMALL: "When I filmed the pilot, I thought it was a quality show with a good cast, but I had no expectations. I just hoped people would connect with it because there's a lot of heart." HEAT FACTOR: Her portrayal of Lana Lang gives Smallville soul."

To read 'Teen People's' "25 Hottest Stars Under 25" feature on Kristin Kreuk - CLICK HERE


"Her portrayal of Lana Lang gives Smallville soul"

Love it!

The Adventures of Superboy Promo

March 06, 2012 2 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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A neat season 3 promo clip of "The Adventures of Superboy" television series starring Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang!

YouTube Link - Credit: thesuperboytheater channel!



How I wish these later seasons were available on DVD.

Kristin Kreuk - 'Xpose #60' 2001 Cover

March 05, 2012 2 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Latest images added to our 'World of Lana Lang Gallery'!


A great Kristin Kreuk magazine cover image with 'Smallville' co-stars Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling from 'Xpose #60' (October 2001). According to visimag.com, the magazine featured an interview with Kristin Kreuk talking about the 'joy and pain of dating teenager Clark Kent, a man with a very unusual secret, in her guise of Lana Lang.'

blog xpose 60 october 2001 01

"It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a young woman who's about to be a star. Kristin Kreuk plays Lana Lang on the new series Smallville, which has garnered some of the most glowing reviews of any freshman show launched in the 2001-2002 TV season, and that's ahead of its October 16 premiere date. And the consensus is that the 20-year-old will emerge as one of the brightest talents on the entertainment landscape..."I knew about Superman," Kreuk says, during a conversation on a day off from Smallville. "I knew about Clark Kent. I knew about the basics. I'd seen a couple of episodes of Lois & Clark and one of the Superman movies when I was younger. I don't think my character has been explored too much. I'm not sure, but from what I've heard I don't think she has. So I think it's good that I haven't explored it too in-depth. Warner Bros did give me this big textbook, basically, on Superman, from the beginning. I skimmed through that, so I know more than I used to know..." ~ Kristin Kreuk 'Xposé #60' (October 2001)


To read more excerpts of Kristin Kreuk's 'Xposé' interview visit visimag.com - HERE

Action #830 & #831 - Artist Rendering

March 03, 2012 0 Comments Bloggies by Nelly

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Awesome artist renderings of Lana Lang from 'Action #830 & Action #831' by John Byrne.


Artist Rendering                          Artist Rendering                         Artist Rendering

Action # 830                                  Action #831                                   Action #831 

blog john byrne action 830 artist rendering p18           blog john byrne action 831 artist rendering p10           blog john byrne action 831 artist rendering p14



To view more great John Byrne artwork check-out his website: artofjohnbyrne.com

Many pieces of John Byrne's published original art are available for sale -

To learn more click here