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"World of Lana Lang" is an unofficial fan site dedicated to DC comics character Lana Lang. This website explores all facets of her character, from her first appearance in the 'Superboy' and 'Superman' comics to her latest incarnation in the upcoming film Man Of Steel. Our mission is to support, promote, and provide everything and anything related to this fascinating character and the actresses who have portrayed her. So, look around, have fun, and enjoy your visit here in "Lana's World"!

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World of Lana Lang News Archive - 2010


December 2010

*December 29, 2010  [Date added to WofLL – 12/31/2010]

Diane Sherry Case who is best known by us as teen Lana Lang in 1978s "Superman: The Movie", was interviewed by blogger Barbara "Babs" regarding the recent release of her new book "Elephant Milk". In the interview she is asked about her portrayal of the young Lana in the film...

Babs: I am sure you have been asked a million times, but what was it like to play Lana Lang in Superman?

Diane: Lana Lang is an icon and it was a privilege to play her in the first big Superman film. I was also excited to be in a film with the legendary Marlon Brando, who I didn't actually meet until years later at a friends wedding. As for Lana, I felt right at home in her shoes. I loved the old car we were driving, the cheerleader's outfit, and it was especially fun to be filming in Calgary, Canada. All of our drivers were rodeo men, cowboys. It was beautiful there, like the Midwestern United States it was portraying.

To read the full interview: CLICK HERE



*December 21, 2010  [Date added to WofLL – 1/7/2011]

In an exclusive interview by website assignmentx.com, Smallville producers Peterson and Souders were asked about Lana Lang's status on the show...

AX: Is Lana Lang's story done? Would you or could you bring her back?

SOUDERS:This season is a lot about Clark confronting the ghosts of his past, and I think he has something to learn from everybody. We've never had any problem, when we looked back at these nine seasons, and tried to bring something out of it we've seen before, but figured out a new twist. And what part of that impact on Clark's life hasn't been resolved yet. I can't think of anybody who has been on the show where we wouldn't have a clear idea of what their story is.

To read the full interview: CLICK HERE



November 2010

*November 5, 2010 [Dtate added to WofLL - 2/5/2011]

Lana Lang of 'Smallville' is on UGO's list as one of TV's 30 Worst-Treated Women:

#15-Lana Lang Gets Kidnapped...Again

Guilty Parties: Smallville, supervillains

Cause of Death: Oh God, which one?

Superman's gotta have a damsel in distress to rescue, right? The young lass as portrayed by Kristin Kreuk has long played an integral role in Superman's early life, but somehow we imagine even the comics spared the young girl being kidnapped on a weekly basis and knocked out cold every time Clark used his powers. Plus, there's no exucse for subjecting her to that horrible "Countess Thoreaux" storyline.

To see what other couples made the list: CLICK HERE



October 2010

*October 16, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/19/2011]

A fan's camera angle analysis of Clark and Lana's scene from "Smallville's" sixth season episode "Nemesis...By Ke'ara's RTF 305 Blog: "Smallville: A Close Up of the Man of Steel -Focusing on the scene from episode "Nemesis" of the sixth season of Smallville where leading character, Clark Kent is saved from a caving underground piping system loaded with kryptonite by the love of his life (then) Lana Lang. Oh, must I not forget, he was trapped with his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang's then husband. The first shot is a LONG SHOT / orientation shot where the camera is placed far away to give a view of where the character is and the situation. This shot introduces the beginning of the scene, which is Clark Kent seeing Lana Lang after escaping from the piping system with Lex Luthor. The audience sees the location and is aware of the situation behind the characters, because of the long shot. The shot also makes the character appear lonely due to the amount of space surrounding the character. Clark Kent is placed in the middle of the scene and is standing still, while the characters behind him are in motion.

The next shot is the MEDIUM SHOT / information shot. This shot confirms that it was a specific character in the long shot. This shot is a continuation or further development of the actions that were in the long shot and are in the scene. Here, the shot confirms that this is indeed Clark Kent in the scene and the audience gets to see the reaction on his face as he sees Lana Lang.

The last shot is the CLOSE UP shot / important detail shot and it zooms in on the character's facial expression where the audience can see the emotions and feelings the character is expressing. The shot should naturally flow after a medium shot, but is emotionally revealing. Here, the audience sees how emotional Clark Kent is as he sees Lana Lang, noting that this expression is love..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*October 15, 2010  [Date added to WofLL - 2/18/2011]

eclipsemagazine.com highlights 'Smallville's' 200th episode titled 'Homecoming' and mentions Lana Lang's appearance..."'Homecoming' is definitely a must-see and will bring back many memories from the early days of the series. Viewers will be able to recognize several callbacks and shoutouts. Those who have watched since day one will remember how awkward Clark Kent felt in high school – and yes, it is high school and we all felt awkward, but at least we didn't have unknown superpowers to deal with! We will remember what first love was like, as Clark pined for Lana Lang (Kristen Kreuk)..."

To read the complete article: CLICK HERE



*October 14, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/9/2011]

Smallville's 'pilot' director, David Nutter talks about the show's origins and mentions Lana to fancast.com..."Tasked with bringing the Young Man of Steel to small-screen life was director David Nutter, whose resume at the time included the pilots for 'Dark Angel' and 'Roswell,' many episodes of 'The X Files' and, yes, the syndicated 'Adventures Of Superboy' series from the late 1980s.

"We walked blindly into the fire and we had a firm step," Nutter says of 'Smallville's maiden flight. "We had a great script and some great talent, and I felt really confident in the story we were telling. This was a time to make Clark Kent a real person, a teenager that other teenagers could actually relate to."

Giving the saga of a teen coming to terms with his extraterrestrial origins and abilities "a sense of reality" was of utmost importance to Nutter. "Too many times shows are so fantastic there's no bedrock of believability," he notes. "I started with 'X Files,' which was always based in reality and fact, and then I worked with James Cameron on 'Dark Angel,' which was all about science fact and making it as realistic as possible. So I brought all of that to 'Smallville.'"

Of course, Clark Kent might not have ever gotten off the ground (so to speak) had 'Smallville' not found the right actor for the lead role. "I knew Tom Welling was the perfect guy when Clark runs into Lana Lang (played by Kristin Kreuk) for the first time," says Nutter. "Lana of course had a kryptonite necklace on her neck, so Clark tumbled onto the ground, dropped his books.... That's when I said, 'That's him.'"

WBTV's Roth remembers watching the 'Smallville' pilot for the first time and "almost weeping, I was so excited. That pilot was magic for us."

To read the rest of the write-up: CLICK HERE



*October 13, 2010

zap2it.com highlights Smallville's upcoming 200th episode [Lana mention] "In the episode, Lois and Clark (Tom Welling) return to Smallville High for their reunion. Though Lois's time there doesn't start off great - nobody remembers her brief tenure as a student, and she's confronted with the memory of Clark's old flame Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk)..."Homecoming" will definitely impact Clark's future, but expect a lot of callbacks to the past. Keep your ears perked for the song "Everything" by Lifehouse, which die-hard fans will remember from the pilot episode..."

To read the full write-up: CLICK HERE



 *October 12, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/21/2011]

comicbookresources.com interviewed Smallville's producers regarding its 200th milestone episode and mention Lana..."For Souder, Clark's first meeting with Lana Lang was an important moment to echo. "I really wanted to revisit it and [see] how far he's come from that moment," the producer explained. "Clark seeing Lana for the first time and fumbling through that."

"The Lana meet is probably the moment we all fell in love with Clark Kent, because we saw his struggle that would launch the whole series," added Petersen. "Because it's the 200th, we really wanted to look back at the pilot and the 100th, because those were such big benchmarks. That's why we focused on those..."

"...While the return of Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk to their roles is still up in the air, the producers say they have plans in place should the actors agree to return. "All of these characters sit in our heads year round. So we know we have story ideas and places that we'd like to take them," explained Souders..."

To read the article: CLICK HERE



*October 11, 2010

Interview by 'newsarama.com' of "Smallville's" producers Peterson and Souders talking about the 200th episode and the possibility of Kristin Kreuk's (Lana Lang) return to the show...

"Nrama: What was it like for you all, just watching the show, to revisit Smallville High. Were there certain story beats that it was very important for you to include in the episode?

Peterson: I think the first one without question was the Lana (Kristin Kreuk) meet. Because it's probably the minute that we all fell in love with Clark Kent. Because we saw his struggle that would launch the whole series... There are—we can't tell you how many things got whittled off the list, sadly. And then, because it's the two hundredth, we wanted to look back really at the pilot and the one hundredth, because those were such big benchmarks. And that's why we just focused on those and chose those...

Nrama: What about people from the original cast, like Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and Kristin Kreuk?

Souders: We would love for them to be back.

Peterson: We would love for them to be back. The door is wide open, so. If any of you have any pull, you let us know.

Souders: We loved writing for both of them. They were just such great characters, so we would love that chance again.

Nrama: Do you have any sort of, if the door got open enough for Michael or Kristin to walk through, do you have sort of stories in your head that you can plug them into?

Souders: Oh yeah. Probably write that script in about two days.

Peterson: Oh god.

Souders: Yes we do. We have. You know obviously all of these characters sit in our heads year round. So we know we have story ideas and places that we'd like to take them. They're always sitting right there waiting for something to happen.

Nrama: To follow up on that question, is there a contingency plan on how to end the characters if this is the final season and you can't get the actors back?

Peterson: Yes, absolutely.

Souders: Uh huh..." 

To read the entire interview: CLICK HERE



*October 9, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/20/2011]

Article highlighting 'Smallville's' 200th episode 'Homecoming' - From aceshowbiz.com: "Expect a flashback of Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan for Clark is remembering the old days at Smallville High...Smallville comes back to Clark's high school years. In an attempt to cheer up Clark, Lois convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana and Chloe..."

To read the write-up: CLICK HERE



*October 8, 2010

In another interview, this time from examiner.com, the current producers of Smallville were once again asked about the possibility of Kristin Kreuk returning to "Smallville"...

'Smallville' turns 200 by paying respect to those who made it great..."The great question on many fans' minds is will you get to see some of the beloved past characters again, in present day, brought back for new episodes as the series comes to an end. Peterson and Souders reiterated that if all of the stars align, "the door is wide open" for many of them, especially Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum. They joked that if any of us have any pull, now would be the time to use it. But regardless, Peterson and Souders do have plans to wrap up their story lines."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*October 5, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/21/2011]

iFanboy's ranked their favorite top 5 live action Superman films and 'Superman III' quite appropriately ranked #3: 3. Superman III (1983) -"I love this one. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I was 7 years old when it came out so it's the first Superman film that I really remember seeing in theaters. This was also the only Superman film we owned on VHS and so I must have seen this over a hundred times. I love the fact that it's a bit funny and a bit science fiction-y: it's very much a Silver Age story caught on film. Even still, there is gold in them thar hills. I think that all of the sequences in Smallville are fantastic. There are some truly touching moments between Clark and Lana. And when Superman is infected by the Tar Kryptonite and turns evil? That's still frightening. Christopher Reeve's range is remarkable here." ~Conor Kilpatrick

To see how the other Superman films ranked: CLICK HERE



*October 5, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/27/2011]

Andrew Garfield's new 'Spider-Man' film finds their Gwen Stacy [Lana Mention] From The L.A. Times: "It's official: Actress Emma Stone has landed the role of Gwen Stacy opposite Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker in Marc Webb's new "Spider-Man" reboot due out in 2012. Though perhaps not as famous to moviegoers as her counterpart, Mary Jane Watson, in the comics, Gwen Stacy, the daughter of a police official, is Peter Parker's girlfriend. In some ways, she is to Mary Jane as Lana Lang is to Lois Lane in the Superman mythology — not the most famous love interest but the compelling "could have been" figure in the hero's romantic life..."

To read the full write-up: CLICK HERE



September 2010

*September 30, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/23/2011]

'Smallville's' 200th episode spoilers from tvovermind.com [Kristin/Lana Mention]: "On the down side for Kristin Kreuk fans, Peterson seems to rule out the possibility of the actress returning as Lana Lang..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE

*September 30, 2010

In an interview by theflickcast.com 'Smallville' producers, Brian Peterson & Kelly Sounders, were asked of the possibility of Kristin Kreuk coming back...

FC: I know a lot of people miss Lana Lang, any word on if Kristin Kreuk be coming back?

BP: We would love to have Kristin back but like a lot of the other actors she's very busy. So we have some thoughts, the door's open, we would love to have her back. Right now, that hasn't happened or worked out. But we want her back, we love her, we love Kristin.

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*September 10, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/16/2011]

Peterson and Souders talk about 'Smallville's' final season and the possibility of Kristin Kreuk returning...From gazette.com: "In doubt is the return of two stars who were central to the series for several seasons: Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. They both left as cast regulars at the end of Season 7. "We would love to have them back, and literally that's all we can say," Peterson said. "It's not in our court; we have done everything in our power to get them back."

To read the full article: CLICK HERE



*September 2, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/17/2011]

Annette O'Toole will make a guest appearance on the television show "Lie To Me" - From digitalspy.com: "The actress will play a 60-year-old with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, according to Entertainment Weekly. The character will reportedly be keeping a dark secret from Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his team. O'Toole is known for her role as Martha Kent on Smallville and for playing love interest Lana Lang in Superman III..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*September 1, 2010

Barry Freiman from supermanhomepage.com interviewed Stacy Haiduk in Chicago. For those who may not know, Stacy Haiduk played Lana Lang in the 1980s TV show "The Adventures of Superboy" for four seasons. Well, I am happy to report that the interview is finally up!

It is a great interview filled with wonderful insights about the 1980s "Superboy" TV show and of course Stacy Haiduk herself. She reflects on her time as Lana Lang, her relationships with costars, cast and crew, as well as her acting career since the show concluded in 1992. It is a long interview, but a great read especially if you are interested in discovering more about this often overlooked show and of course learning more about this awesome Lana Lang!

Source Link: CLICK HERE



August 2010

*August 29, 2010

'Smallville star to join Mission: Impossible 4?' -  From: punchdrunkcritics - "Just a couple of days ago we learned that Paula Patton and Lauren German would be testing for the prime female role opposite Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner in Mission:Impossible 4. Now Deadline has learned that Kristin Kreuk, who everyone will know as Lana Lang on Smallville will also be competing for the role. Lang arguably has more action flick experience than the other two, having most recently starred in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Yeah, I know that movie stunk to high heaven but she wasn't the reason why. Consider Kreuk to be the top contender now, in my opinion."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 28, 2010

Kristin Kreuk being considered for a role in new "Mission Impossible" film...from moviehole.net: "Also on the topic of "Mission... whatever they call it", Deadline reports that the hunt is on to find a female operative...Actresses that have tested for the role include Kristen Kruek (Lana Lang from "Smallville"), Paula Patton ("Precious") and Lauren German ("Hostel Part 2″)..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 20, 2010

Zachary Levi, star of the NBC television series "Chuck", was asked who he had enjoyed working with more "Superman" or "Lana Lang" during a press conference in Milan, Italy. This stems from Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Kristin Kreuk's (Smallville) guest appearances on the show earlier this year (3rd season). So, what was Zachary Levi's response? Watch around the 58 sec mark and find out...

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 20, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/17/2011]

Tom welling is interviewed by the nytimes in regards to his new role as producer in the upcoming CW television show "Hellcats". The article includes a Clark and Lana episode promo still from season 7 "Action" - "Tom Welling as Clark Kent with Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang on "Smallville," now in its 10th and final season."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 19, 2010

Barry Freiman of 'Superman Homepage' had the awesome pleasure of interviewing Stacy Haiduk who played Lana Lang in the 1980's TV show "The Adventures of Superboy". They will be posting the interview on their site soon! In the meantime, they uploaded an adorable video greeting from Ms. Haiduk in which she urges fans to "keep fighting" for those last remaining seasons to be released on DVD!

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 18, 2010 [Date added to WofLL – 1/9/2011]

Smallville's Lana Lang was mentioned in TV Guide's SDCC 2010 special edition magazine! They reference her in their "Smallville Must-See Episodes", "Behind-the-Scenes" section, and in their crossword puzzle.

See 'hard copy' scans: World of Lana Lang Gallery



*August 15, 2010

A new trailer promoting Smallville's final season featured some nice retrospective clips of Lana Lang from its previous seasons. The clips shown in the trailer were from the "Pilot" episode and "Exodus" (season 2). This is what was said in reference to Lana:

"Narrator: "In the year 2001 the world's greatest hero took his first steps on Earth... In an epic television series that would redefine an American icon...Over 10 years he found a family...his first love [Clark: I have waited for this for so long...]...a way to fit in...and a place where he belonged...."

Source Link : CLICK HERE



*August 11, 2010

io9.com is asking "How can Marvel and DC create the next Smallville?" and offer some suggestions based on their thoughts on what made Smallville so successful..."Why did Smallville work so well?...

It's the characters. Back when Smallville launched, people used to call it "Krypton's Creek," for its endless love triangles and melodrama and teen angst. But you know what? Superhero stories have always had a huge element of the soap opera to them. And Stan Lee's genius, back in the 1960s, was making us care as much about the complicated personal lives of Marvel's characters as we did about their battles with supervillains. Any successful superhero TV show will probably have to work as a soap opera and make us care about the characters' personal struggles, especially in this day and age. And having a strong family element, like the early seasons gave us with Jonathan and Martha Kent, will be a huge plus too.

There was a slow burn on introducing the comic book elements. It's easy to forget, now that Smallville is full of random DC Comics elements like Amanda Waller and Checkmate, how simple the setup was for Smallville's first few seasons. It was just a single alien kid stuck on Earth, dealing with normal high-school stuff and keeping his superpowers a secret. The backstory was really simple, too — contrast that with Birds of Prey, which had the daughter of Batman and the daughter of Commissioner Gordon teaming up to fight crime, with the help of Batman's manservant..."

There are two great images of Lana Lang in the article [Clana 'Red' Kiss & Season 1 Cast pic]!

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 11, 2010

A "Superboy #11" CGC- certified with a 9.0 grading is selling on eBay for $1,499.95! This issue marked Lana Lang's first cover appearance and her second comic book appearance (first being in "Superboy #10"). Whether it actually sells at this price remains to be seen. Although, according to scoop.diamondgalleries.com, a copy of Superboy #1 CGC-certified 8.0 sold a few years back for a whopping $6,000!!

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*August 9, 2010

Neil Cameron, a freelance writer and artist specializing in Manga, comics artwork, illustration, and character design, created this funny piece of artwork which featured Lois Lane, Lori Lemaris, and of course our beloved Lana Lang! It was a comedic homage to the three Lovely Ladies Loved by Superman *ok, I tried lol*. This was from a larger project titled “A-Z of Awesomeness” that took place in June-July of 2009. The neat thing about it is that it was all interactive in that the drawings were all based on fan suggestions from his blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Some pretty funny stuff! There are some copies of the “A-Z of Awesomeness” poster available for purchase!

To check it out: CLICK HERE



July 2010

*July 28, 2010

A Youtube video of a 2005 Kristin Kreuk interview has surfaced! This interview was for the "Festival Du Film Jules Verne" held during that year. In it Kristin Kreuk talks in depth about her character Lana Lang. Great Video!

To watch the video: CLICK HERE



*July 28, 2010

Lana Lang is featured in the current issue of Supergirl #54! This is the second part of an ongoing story-arc titled "Who is Supergirl?"

Brief Recap:

Supergirl is still devastated from the events of the previous story-arc in which she feels responsible for deaths of her family and the destruction of her people on the planet Krypton. Kara therefore decides not to be "Supergirl" anymore because she is convinced that she only does more harm than good. Lana has been trying to reason with her in telling her of the importance of her family symbol....in her saving lives...etc. But Kara refuses to listen and only wants to go on living as "Linda Lang".

However, in this issue, a big threat is wreaking havoc on the city of Metropolis and its citizens. So, once again Lana is there to help and encourage Kara to do the right thing. Does She?! Well, I suggest you pick up a copy and find out!!!



*July 28, 2010

“Will the Heart of Smallville Possibly Return?” from starzentertainment.com. “For the 10th and final season of Smallville, will Lana Lang finally head back to the smalltown? As much fun as Lois Lane is, we know that Clark Kent's heart truly belongs to Lana Lang - in Smallville! Running for almost a decade, we've grown and familiarized ourselves with the Clark Kent and Lana Lang love story. So will the heart of Smallville possibly return?According to Brian Peterson, executive producer, he has revealed that a storyline has already been written for her! Peterson adds that he would love to have Kristin Kreuk back anytime. "We'd love to have Kristin back, but like a lot of actors [Rosenbaum] she's very busy." However, just in case if any of the actors do want to come back, "we have some thoughts. We have the door open." Peterson adds, "Right now, that hasn't happened to work out. We want her back. We love her." Let's hope for some old stars to return! A series finale without Lana Lang and Lex Luthor would not be the same."

To read the article: CLICK HERE



*July 27, 2010

During an EW's Michael Ausiello interview with Smallville producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, Ausiello asked (what everyone has been asking) about Kristin Kreuk possible return to SV. “Ausiello: What about Kristin? Peterson: "We would love for Kristin to be back too. So far we have done everything in our power to get Kristin and Michael back and the door; like Kelly was saying, is wide open couldn't be more open. So we love to have them back."

To watch the youtube video [around 2:40 mark]:

[Link No Longer Available]



*July 27, 2010

'Smallville' exec wants Kreuk Return' from digitalspy.com. “Smallville executive producer Brian Peterson has admitted that he would love Kristin Kreuk to return.Speaking to Zap2It, Peterson hinted that he already has a storyline planned in case Kreuk wants to reprise her role as Lana Lang. "We'd love to have Kristin back, but like a lot of actors she's very busy," he said. "And so we have some thoughts. We have the door open." He added: "Right now, that hasn't happened to work out. We want her back. We love her."

To read the article: CLICK HERE



*July 26, 2010

More on Kristin Kreuk’s return to Smallville from aceshowbiz.com - "There was also a question whether Kristin Kreuk would make a final appearance as Lana Lang, Peterson answered, "We'd love to have Kristin back, but like a lot of actors, she's very busy. And, so we have some thoughts. We have the door open. Right now, that hasn't happened to work out. We want her back. We love her."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 26, 2010

'Will Lana Lang Be Back For Final Season?' from zimbio.com. “As "Smallville" prepares to enter it's final season, alot of fans wonder if we will see the return of "Lana Lang", played by Canadian hottie Kristin Kreuk....I hope they can bring her back, I really adore her, and loved her in the series."

To read the full write-up: CLICK HERE



*July 25, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/15/2011]

Comic-Con 2010: 'Smallville's' farewell' from the latimes.com [herocomplex] - "Has it really been 10 years since we, and Comic-Con, were introduced to teenage Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Chloe Sullivan and the rest of the gang living in Smallville, Kan.? Well, no, it's been nine, but as "Smallville" goes into its 10th and final season, the show has been a mainstay at Comic-Con..."

To read the full article: CLICK HERE

Also, a brief into write-up found in latimes.com blog: CLICK HERE



*July 25, 2010

Lana Lang clips were shown during a Smallville retrospective video montage at San Diego's Comic Con 2010 Smallville Panel! The video footage consisted of clips highlighting various moments of the show's nine seasons. The video ended with new footage of its upcoming tenth and final season.

To view a fan's coverage of this video: CLICK HERE



*July 25, 2010

Rumors of Kristin Kreuk returning to Smallville from theprovince.com. "This Superman TV series started filming episodes for season 10 this month. Vancouver's Kristin Kreuk, last seen in the eighth season, is rumored to be coming back as Lana Lang."

To read the full write-up: CLICK HERE



*July 25, 2010

Talks of Kristin Kreuk’s possible return to Smallville from Zap2it.com. "One ghost from Clark's past seemed to keep popping up in our conversations with the producers and the stars. Will Kristin Kreuk, who played Clark's original star-crossed love interest, return? "We'd love to have Kristin back, but like a lot of actors, she's very busy," says Peterson. "And, so we have some thoughts. We have the door open. Right now, that hasn't happened to work out. We want her back. We love her." Kreuk left the show in 2008 as her character's tumultuous relationship with Clark ended with her being, well, walking kryptonite. Since then, she has appeared on "Chuck." Her agent has denied recent rumors that she'll return, though. When we spoke to "Smallville's" star, Tom Welling, he tells us he had a scene in mind in case Kreuk does sign on. "A great scene, I think, would be to get Clark, Lois and Lana together. And then like, 'Um, sooooo?'" As he looks around and laughs."

To read the full article: CLICK HERE


*July 21, 2010

Kristin Kreuk appears in a Hill Zaini music video alongside Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway. A neat bit of trivia, besides the fact that Kristin Kreuk played Lana Lang on Smallville, is that Faye Dunaway was in the 1984 film "Supergirl". She played the evil villain 'Selena'.Lana Lang and Supergirl have had a unique history together in the comics. Currently, Lana is wonderfully written as Supergirl's confidant and mentor. Supergirl has also adopted Lana's last name and is passing herself as her niece Linda Lang.

To watch the youtube video: CLICK HERE



*July 21, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/27/2011]

Who will return to 'Smallville' [Lana Lang Mention] from smallvillepodcast.com: "With the final season of the series looming, it's natural to want to revisit people and places of the past....

Kristin Kreuk – Lana Lang – Last appearnce: 8×14 – 'Requiem'

Lana has departed from the show more times than any other character on Smallville, yet always ends back up right where she started on the show. When last seen, Lana and Clark had rekindled their relationship in season eight, but the return of 'Lex' thrwarted the couple, when Lana used the promethius suit Lex designed on herself, which essentially became a Kryptonite weapon used against Clark. It was a bittersweet goodbye for the high school sweethearts, but one that most knew was coming due to the fast growing connection between Clark and Lois. Lana left, as the two (literally) couldn't even be in the same room together. It's been heavily speculated that Kreuk would return for the final season. Tom Welling himself has said he'd love to have all the original members back for at least one episode in it's final run. Specificially he was noted as saying how interesting it would be to see Clark, Lois, and Lana in a room together now. We'll see if Comic Con holds any truth to her return..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 16, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/15/2011]

mtv.com on "Superman" characters we would task out to the "Inception" cast' - Ellen Page as Lana Lang:

"Moving onto the world of "Superman," there's no question that the Man of Steel is going to spend plenty of time in Metropolis — but how about a stint in Smallville as well? If time is spent on Clark Kent's early years, Ellen Page would work wonderfully as Lana Lang, Clark's childhood sweetheart. It wouldn't be a major role for the young actress, but a nice and important cameo to help propel The Man of Tomorrow towards a greater quest during the film."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 14, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/4/2011]

Laura Vandervoort returning to 'Smallville' [Lana Mention] - From digitalspy.com: "Former stars Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) and Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) have also been rumored to be making an appearance in the tenth and final season of Smallville."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 14, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/4/2011]

Laura Vandervoort returning to 'Smallville' [Lana Mention] - From tvsquad.com: "Vandervoort left the show in season 7 along with series vets Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor) and Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang)...Time will tell if fan favorite Rosenbaum or Kreuk will return to the show next season for a final hurrah."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 14, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/4/2011]

Smallville Season 10 Spoilers - Returning Characters From [Lana Mention] zap2it.com: "The tenth and final season of Smallville will be premiering on Friday, September 24 and the big question is which old characters might make a return appearance for the final season. Of course, there's talk about maybe bringing back Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kruek as Lex Luther and Lana Lang, but so far those are just fan wishes and speculation..."

Sourced Link: CLICK HERE



*July 13, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/4/2011]

Laura Vandervoort returning to 'Smallville' [Lana Mention] - From screencrave.com: "Star Tom Welling has made it no secret that he wants the original baddie Lex Luthor aka Michael Rosenbaum to make a return to the show as well as Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk). If his wish is to get all the original cast members to appear during the final season it might actually happen. Dead or alive they should make cameos, they did it for the finale of "Lost" why not here?"

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 5, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/25/2011]

Kristin Kreuk for 'Smallville' return? from digitalspy.com - "Former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk is reportedly in talks to return to the show for the final season. The actress last appeared as Lana Lang in the eighth season episode 'Requiem'. According to Fancast, the character will return "for sure" in at least part of the tenth season. However, a spokesperson for Kreuk apparently later denied the claims, insisting: "I don't see any Smallville in her future... I'm sure of it." Kreuk herself also questioned whether Lana should come back. "The show has changed so much it would be weird for her to come back in," she said. "She was from a different Smallville time."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*July 1, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/25/2011]

In Smallville's final season who will be returning? Who will not? [Kristin Kreuk/Lana Lang mention & image used in article] From fancast.com - "...Welling in turn expressed his wish-slash-belief that familiar and iconic faces such as Jonathan Kent (played by 'Dukes of Hazzard' alum John Schneider), Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) should make encore appearances as Clark inches closer to his super destiny...But turning to Lana/Kristin Kreuk, two wildly different messages are circulating. Though Fancast heard from one source that Lana "for sure" will be back for at least part of Season 10, a spokesperson for Kreuk tells us, "I don't see any 'Smallville' in her future.... I'm sure of it." Similarly, a setsider says there have been zero rumblings about Kreuk and/or Lana returning for the series-ending salvo of episodes. Kreuk herself proved skeptical of returning to 'Smallville' when Fancast spoke to her during her 'Chuck' run. "The show has changed so much it would be weird for her to come back in," she said. "She was from a different 'Smallville' time." Plus, the kryptonite-irradiated Lana is, like, deadly to Clark nowadays..."

To read the full article: CLICK HERE



June 2010

*June 26, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/25/2011]

Does DC Comics Hate Cats? [Lana Mention] from multiversitycomics.com - "...I'd like to step up to the plate and represent a group that is entirely misrepresented and under appreciated in DC Comics. I wish to speak of a group constantly kicked around and abused without proper representation. And of course, I'm talking about cats...Where is the canon de-powered Streaky now? We're not quite sure. It is assumed that since moving in with Lana Lang that Streaky is being cared for by Lana while Kara is out galavanting about with the super types, but even so. Talk about a character regression. Apparently she isn't "important enough" to have any focus or growth..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*June 25, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/7/2011]

Lana Lang Comic Letterhead from 1967 - "By the time 1967 rolled around Lana Lang was an important character in many of the Superman titles. Espically in Lois Lane's book. She was so important that for a time they used the above letterhead on the letters page. I have always wondered why Lana Lang never got her own series."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*June 24, 2010

"Supergirl" writer Sterling Gates revealed some juicy Lana Lang tidbits for the upcoming 2010 and 2011 comic book issues! "...Kara's supporting cast will continue to play a major part in SUPERGIRL. LANA LANG, JIMMY OLSEN, NATASHA IRONS, INSPECTOR HENDERSON, DR. LIGHT, even GANGBUSTER – they will all influence Supergirl's life...Across 2010 and 2011, readers will see: SUPERWOMAN's fate; the invasion of Supergirl's home, Hammersmith Tower; syllabus day at Metropolis University; the biggest mistake in Lana Lang's life; the tragedy of the terrible Toyman; Supergirl's ever expanding rogues gallery; and just what happens when Brainiac 5 and Supergirl kiss!..."

To read the full write-up: CLICK HERE



*June 24, 2010

Comic book writer Sterling Gates was interviewed by ComicBookResources. “Are we still going to see Superman in the title, not in the crossover way, but how it was when the book originally started, with him as a guardian and mentor figure? "Not as much as you would think. Going forward, Kara's emotional support structure will come from her relationship with Lana Lang. That's a relationship I don't want to lose, because I think it's important for Kara to have this big sister/little sister relationship that she can rely on and lean on..." You said that Lana will be playing a bigger role, which makes sense because without her mother and best friend, Lana has to step into that role to help support Supergirl emotionally. "When I first started on this book, I described their relationship as Lorelai and Rory from "Gilmore Girls." That's still how I look at them. I think people were worried after the events of "Supergirl" #50 that Lana was going to disappear and that their relationship was over, but that's not the case. They had an argument and they had a falling out, but that's what made that scene interesting to me [and] made me wonder what happens next between those two. I love that relationship and I think it's extremely important to Kara and for the book. For all intents and purposes, Lana acts as a friend and as a non-biased sounding board for Supergirl in a different way than, say, Superman or Lois would. Lana doesn't judge Kara the way her direct family would, if that makes sense." Definitely. Friends and family can look at you very differently when it comes to certain aspects of your life. "At the same time, I think Lana needs that relationship just as much as Supergirl does. Lana has gone through a lot of bad stuff and so she draws strength from that relationship - different from the way Supergirl does. At the end of the day, it's two women - roommates and friends - helping each other learn and grow and change. That's a relationship I don't see a lot of the time in comics, so I really want to continue to foster that and build it up…”

To read the rest of this interview: CLICK HERE



*June 22, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/25/2011]

10 Things You Might Not Know About SUPERMAN from newsarama.com - "8. He didn't always date Lois Lane. - Reporter Lois Lane is his wife, but she wasn't the first one to capture Superman' attention and heart. In high school, Clark had deep feelings for his best friend Lana Lang, who was also the first person outside of his foster parents to learn about his strange powers..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*June 18, 2010

Comic book writer Sterling Gates was interviewed by SciFiChick. Scifichick:“What can you tell us about the latest Supergirl story arc? SG: "It's a dark time for the Girl of Steel. We're coming out of the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, an arc that featured the destruction of the planet New Krypton and the death of Supergirl's mother, Alura. So she's in a pretty dark place, both physically and emotionally. She's been away for a few weeks, just getting her head back on straight, and she's just returned to Metropolis and moved back in with Lana Lang. Lana acts as a big sister-type to Kara, helping her in ways that not even Superman can. And that's where we pick up..."

To read the rest of this interview: CLICK HERE



*June 17, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 2/28/2011]

Sterling Gates' interview with supermanhomepage.com [Lana Mention] - "Kara doesn't really have a supporting cast of her own. Is that something you're looking to rectify? Sterling Gates: I disagree with that statement. I think we've gone to great lengths to establish Lana Lang as a main supporting cast character for Kara, as well as Cat Grant, Inspector Henderson, Alura, Flamebird. You could even make the argument for Batgirl and Superboy...But I plan to continuing to foster Lana and Kara's relationship. I think that relationship is extremely important, especially in light of Supergirl losing her mother in the war..."

To read the entire interview: CLICK HERE



*June 10, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/12/2011]

Artist Gene Gonzales created a sketch of Lana and Lois done at HeroesCon 2010. From Gene Gonzales' blog: "A classic Lois Lane vs Lana Lang cat fight was Royce's request. For some reason that piece gave me trouble from the start. There is always one at every show, and this was it. I had done thumbnails of it at home, did a decent rough, got to the show and started over because it didn't look right. Then I got it right but while inking Lana's hair, I was chatting and not paying attention, I inked part of Lana's hair black. Then I started and finished the last one. Whew!"

To read the write-up and see the Lana/Lois sketch: CLICK HERE



*June 6, 2010 [Date added to 'WofLL' - 4/4/2011]

Kristin Kreuk attends and presents at the 2010 Leo Awards - From catherinebarr.com "04 – Kristen Kreuk, who plays lovely Lana Lang on TV's "Smallville" was lucky enough to get to present the last award of the evening with "La Bamba" movie star Lou Diamond Phillips, who is in town filming the new "Stargate Universe" series with "The Full Monty" star Robert Carlyle and cast."

Source Link with KK Pic: CLICK HERE



*June 5, 2010 [Date added to 'WofLL' - 4/4/2011]

Kristin Kreuk was a presenter at the 2010 Leo awards, which honors the best in British columbia television and film production. The  Celebration Ceremony was held on Friday, June 4th and the Gala Awards Ceremony was held on Sturday, June 5th. "Smallville" won one out of the six nominations it received, so congratulations to Jacob Rupp who won for "Best Stunt Coordination" for his work on the episode titled "Rapid".

To see some photos of Kristin Kreuk on the red carpet: CLICK HERE

To see who else took a Leo award: CLICK HERE


*June 4, 2010 [Date added to 'WofLL' - 4/4/2011]

Comic Lana Lang is listed as one of the five 'Saddest Sacks in Superhero Comics' by comicsalliance.com - "1. Lana Lang - No one in the world has it worse than Lana Lang. Anyone who doesn't know this either doesn't know about Lana Lang or lacks even the most superficial understanding of human nature...Say you split up with a boyfriend. You loved him deeply, but the timing and circumstances just weren't right. You parted amicably, and you wished him the very best. And that's exactly what he got.

He's Earth's Greatest Hero. He has loving parents, his dream job, and the admiration and gratitude of the entire world. He has an exciting life in which he does work that's truly meaningful. He has great friends, and yes, he has great love. He's happily married to a woman who is beautiful, brilliant, successful, happy, even smug. And she doesn't have to make a choice due to circumstances. Her silly, unrealistic fantasies came true. She's a fangirl who married both the object of her desire and the man she grew to love, and along the way, she? Got a Pulitzer.  

That alone would start making me want to play chicken with passing trains. But that's not enough. Fate unleashes on Lana Lang like it is a Joe Pesci character in a Scorsese film. There's one storyline in which she and Lois bicker over Clark until his mother - his mother! - steps in and informs her that she 'had her chance.'

There's a storyline in which she and Lois, as fourteen-year-old girls, come to the future. Fourteen-year-old Lana sees everything that will happen, including the fact that she will never be Clark's wife, and that he's deeply in love with someone else. All her dreams are crushed in front of her eyes. Then she is sent back to the past, her memory erased so there is no chance that she can re-prioritize and move on with her life.

There's even a storyline in which she's made the head of LexCorp. LexCorp has kryptonite, and Superman is rabidly abusing his power by stealing, sometimes violently, all the kryptonite in the world. She demands he leave. He refuses. She uses the kryptonite. Batman and Superman deal with that, after which Superman comes back, tells her that he knows that she sometimes wonders why he chose Lois instead of her. He tells her that this was why. Then he leaves. After he stays long enough to watch her cry.

That history hurt even to type. Lana Lang, without question, wins the Saddest Sack in Comics Award. I'm sure she's thrilled."

It isn't all so dire for the character. Besides, she has a whole new generation of fans that love and support her character ;)

To see what other characters made the list: CLICK HERE



May 2010

*May 29, 2010 [Date added to WofLL – 1/6/2011]

John Schneider, who played Clark Kent's dad Jonathan Kent on "Smallville", spoke at a Comic Convention in Phoenix on May 29, 2010. During his panel discussion he was asked by a fan if there were any writings or scripts from the show that he ever disagreed with in terms of his character. John Schneider gave a funny resounding "Yes" as an answer. One of those instances was during the filming of the season 5 episode "Hidden"; the scene in which Clark and Lana are caught having spent the night together by Jonathan and Martha. Schneider disagreed with how Jonathan's reaction was written and well...take a look for yourself. It is a great 'behind-the-scenes' story of this classic Clark and Lana scene!

Souce Link: CLICK HERE



*May 26, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/4/2011]

scifimafia.com reporting Tom Welling's comments regarding wanting Kristin Kreuk back for 'Smallville's' final season - "Superman summons Lex Luthor and Lana Lang for Smallville reunion - Tom Welling, who plays Clark Kent on the CW show "Smallville", is calling upon Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum to reprise their characters of Lana Lang and Lex Luthor respectively. The CW recently announced that the show will end with this next upcoming tenth season. Welling makes a public plea to the "Smallville" alum: "I'd love to see Kristin come back. I'd love to see Lois and Lana in the same room with Clark. That'd be a very interesting scenario, it'd be fun." [Lana image included in article]

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 24, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/25/2011]

Kristin Kreuk joins "Vampire" from digitalspy.com - "Kristin Kreuk, Keisha Castle-Hughes and Rachael Leigh Cook have signed to star in upcoming horror film Vampire. According to Screen Daily, Japanese director Shunji Iwai is helming the project. Vampire will mark his first English language film. The movie centers on a vampire schoolteacher who falls in love with suicidal students and then kills them. The film is now shooting in Vancouver. Kreuk is known for playing Lana Lang on The CW's Smallville..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 24, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/25/2011]

Tom Welling Wants Reunion with Lex and Lana, and More from buddytv.com - "Some of these die-hards might even agree with what Tom Welling wants. That is, to have old buddies Lex Luthor and Lana Lang back on the show. Tom Welling Teasers - During a recent interview with MTV News, actor Tom Welling revealed what he's hoping for on the next season of Smallville. It was actually more like a plea to friends Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk though...He even told E! Online, "I'd love to see Kristin come back. I'd love to see Lois and Lana in the same room with Clark. That'd be a very interesting scenario, it'd be fun..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 23, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/24/2011]

Superman III Fan Review [Lana Mention] - From: guysnation.com: "As a kid, I had the poster for Superman III hanging in my bedroom, but I never actually sat down long enough to watch the entire thing...It was fun to see Lana Lang show up in Superman III, especially with Annette O'Toole's involvement in one of my favorite shows – Smallville. I really liked the interaction between her and Clark Kent. Very under-rated...Although at some point (probably in 2010) I'll have to see Superman IV, but in the meantime I looked up the Superman IV site on Wikipedia to see what I was in store for (though I vaguely remembered Nuclear Man from my initial partial watching), and I was frustrated to learn that the big plot point at the end of Superman III with Lana Lang was ignored..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 21, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/20/2011]

Welling 'wants Rosenbaum, Kreuk return' from digitalspy.com - "Tom Welling has said that he would like some old characters to return to Smallville...Welling has now told Zap2It that he wants Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk to reprise their roles as Lex Luthor and Lana Lang for the final episodes. "I want to see a lot of the people that we know, that the fans know from the show come back. And see those relationships," he said. "I'd like to think [the chances] are good. But my realities sometimes are different from other realities. But I hope they know that we want them back and I know we're going to do everything we can to see them again..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 21, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/23/2011]

'Smallville's' Welling Wants Lex And Lana Back from scifipulse.net - "Smallville star Tom Welling announced that this, the tenth season of the program, would be its last. He also noted that he'd like to have Lana Lang and Lex Luthor come back to help give it the proper send-off..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 20, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/4/2011]

Tom Welling interviewed by the NY Post at the CW Upfronts [Kristin/Lana Mention] - "PW: What would you like to see next season? Tom: I'd like to see him get out of the trouble he got into at the end of last season [laughs]. But mostly I'd like to see him with Lex again, I'd like to see Michael [Rosenbaum] back. I think it'd be cool to see Lana and Lois in the same room, that would be very interesting for Clark to be a part of. There's Justice League possibilities, there's a lot going on. Ten will be a huge season!" [Lana image included in article]

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 20, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 1/10/2010]

Tom Welling was interviewed at the CW Upfronts by E!'s 'Watch With Kristen' and again talks of liking Kristin Kreuk to come back for the show's final season as well as a possible 'Clanois' triangle! *yes, on liking KK to come back and a big no on a 'Clanois' triangle eeeek*. Tom: "I'd love to see Kristin come back...um I'd love to see Lois and Lana in the same room with Clark. I think that would be a very interesting scenreo. Kristen: Cat-fight Tom: Um, yea, you know Kristen: Ratings through the roof, that's all I am saying. Tom: I'd think it would be fun."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 20, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 1/10/2010]

Tom welling interviewed at the CW Upfronts by various news media and talks of wanting Kristin Kreuk to come back for the show's final season. Tom: "...maybe Clark Lana um Lois triangle again...who knows. I want to see a lot of the people that we know; that the fans know from the show come back and um see those relationships. Question: What do you think the chances of getting Kristin and Mike back on the show are? Tom: Well, I'd like to think they are good um but I don't always...my reality is sometimes different than other realities um but um I hope they know that we want them back and ah I know we are going to do everything we can to see them again."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 20, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/20/2011]

Tom Welling wants Lex and Lana to return from zap2it.com - "'Smallville' final season: Tom Welling wants Lex and Lana to return - Tom Welling took the stage at the CW upfront presentation at Madison Square Garden to announce that the upcoming Season 10 would be the final season of "Smallville." Zap2it caught up with Welling on his way in to find out more about Season 10..."Clark and Lex," Welling answered immediately when asked about his hopes for the final season. "Maybe a Lana/Clark/Lois triangle again, who knows. I want to see a lot of the people that the fans know from the show come back to see those relationships."...Despite Rosenbaum's reluctance, Welling is holding out hope that Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang) will be back to say goodbye to "Smallville." "I'd like to think [chances are] good, but my reality sometimes is different than other realities. I hope they know that we want them back, and I know we're going to do everything we can to see them again."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*May 5, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/19/2011]

splashtv.mtv.com talks about 'The Other Woman Scenario" [Lana Lang]- "In "Superman Returns," it was actually The Other Man who caused the drama. James Marsden's Richard White was brought in as fiancé to Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane to throw a wrench in Superman's plans. Though traditionally it's Lana Lang who causes the strife for Lois, she's never been used quite that way in any of the previous Superman films."

To read the full article: CLICK HERE



April 2010

*April 29, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 4/15/2011]

muchmusic.com's 'Bringing Sexy Back: Canada's Hunks & Hotties' - "Kristin Kreuk: HOMETOWN: Vancouver, B.C. - WHERE YOU KNOW HER: Smallville's Lana Lang -WHERE SHE'S AT NOW: recently starred in the Ben-Hur TV miniseries..."

To see what other Canadian artist made the list: CLICK HERE



*April 20, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/13/2011]

'Smallville' producers wanting Michael Rosenbaum back for "Smallville's" final season.  Lana Lang mention From digitalspy.com - "Meanwhile, a source claimed that there is "no chance" of a return for Kristin Kreuk, who played Lana Lang."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*April 16, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/30/2011]

Kristin Kreuk no longer in NBC's new pilot "Hitched" (Lana Mention) - From cinemablend.com: "It's A Secret Girlfriend Over Lana Lang For Hitched - If you were looking forward to watching Kristin Kreuk (Smallville, Chuck) mark her series return to television on CBS's forthcoming comedy Hitched (assuming it gets past the pilot stage, that is), sorry to have to disappoint you. Kreuk has been replaced by Sara Fletcher (Secret Girlfriend), according to Deadline Hollywood...The last-minute change came just before the table read for the pilot, so it looks like it was a reluctant move. The series is about a newlywed couple and their extended family, featuring veteran actors Eugene Levy, Kurtwood Smith and Sharon Lawrence. Fletcher's husband is portrayed by Jack Carpenter (I Love You Beth Cooper, The Return of Jezebel James)."

Update: The pilot "Hitched" was not picked up by the network.

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*April 15, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/30/2011]

Kristin Kreuk no longer in NBC's new pilot Hitched (Lana Mention) - From eonline.com: "...Sara Fletcher has taken over the female lead for Josh Shwartz's CBS comedy pilot Hitched. Kristin Kreuk, known best for her role as Lana Lang on Smallville, was originally cast in the pilot but was bumped just before Wednesday's table read. Can we get her back on Smallville now? Thanks!"

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*April 15, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/30/2011]

Beautiful women (real AND fictional) of sci-fi / fantasy! From femmesfantastique.com - "Kristin Laura Kreuk -  Kirstin has a good acting range, and handled the action sequences in the Street Fighter: the Legend of Chun-Li adquately. I didn't expect Michelle Yeoh-level stuntwork. Kirstin looked convincing in the medium shots and closeups. At least she wasn't worse than Ming-Na in the 1994 flick! (Cute, but terrible fighting skills!) Trivia: Kristin as Lana Lang, played opposite Annette O'Toole (who had played Lana in Superman III) as Martha Kent in Smallville, marking one of the few times two people who played the same non-costumed character appeared together onscreen. (Yes, there have been episodes of series where, for example, Adam West or Buster Crabbe appeared opposite newer versions of Batman or Buck Rogers, but how often did actors playing the two generations of supporting characters appear together?)"

Source Link: CLICK HERE



March 2010

*March 31, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/31/2011]

A major character is set to die in "Smallville's" season finale - From splashpage.mtv.com: "According to Entertainment Weekly, "a major castmember" will be killed off in the ninth season finale. The article hints that the victim will be one of the following: Lois Lane (Erica Durance), Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk)...Lana Lang's inclusion on that list is also intriguing, as Kreuk left "Smallville" at the end of the seventh season, but returned for a few episodes in the eighth season. The article also seems to hint that Kreuk may return to the show once more...Who is the most likely character to die on "Smallville"? Do you want to see Lana Lang return to the series?..."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*March 30, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/30/2011]

A major character will be killed-off in 'Smallville's' Season 9 finale - From ew.com: "I can confirm that one of these eight folks will be in grave danger come May 14 - Lana: Rumor has it Kristin Kreuk was spotted on the Smallville set this week. Rumor also has it I fabricated the above rumor just to make trouble. Finally, there's a rumor going around that one of the previous two rumors is 100 percent true. All joking aside, rumor has it KK is currently in Vancouver. Or is she? I've said too much!"

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*March 30, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/31/2011]

Kristin Kreuk on "Chuck" [Lana Mention] - From: movieline.com: "Has Chuck Stretched its 'Will They or Won't They?' Thread to the Breaking Point? - Season three began with some more convoluted attempts to keep them apart — Chuck isn't the man Sarah thought because he wants to be a spy! — and took a turn for the worse when new love interests were introduced for both characters in the form of Superman (Brandon Routh as Agent Shaw) and Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk as Hannah). In fact, the mere possibility of new love caused such a ruckus amongst the Chuck faithful that co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak had to literally explain themselves...."

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*March 15, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/22/2011]

Television shows that are 'way past their sell-by date'; 'Smallville' listed from iafrica.com - "Way past their sell-by date - With the news that the ailing 'Smallville' has been renewed for a tenth season we take a look at shows that killed themselves by going on too long. Smallville: The original idea for this show was fantastic. Clark Kent growing up, coming to terms with his powers and his massive crush on Lana Lang - and saving Smallville from meteor-infected super freaks. Throw in a very, very pretty cast and you have television genius. And the show was a massive hit for a long time. And now, storylines are getting stale, two of the show's biggest stars have disappeared and it's all just got a bit much..."

To see the other shows that made their list: CLICK HERE



February 2010

*February 25, 2010 [Date added to WofLL - 3/21/2011]

From: Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation community blog: "Smallvillve Fans Celebrate Christopher Reeve - Back in mid-December we posted a note from Clana -- fans of Clark and Lana. These young fans of the TV show Smallville took the time to raise almost $1,000 for us on behalf of "Clark and Lana fans Worldwide." That post got incredible traffic. Christopher Reeve's Superman connection is a as strong as ever. Clana contact me last week and asked if they could commemorate the anniversary of Christopher's first appearance on Smallville, which happens to be today (Feb. 25). Read the recap and then go watch the scene. You'll learn a lot about Christopher and what makes our Foundation tick.

Dear Rob:

On behalf of our fandom we would like to thank the Reeve Foundation for featuring us on the main page of their website and community blog. We wanted to express our THANK YOU to the Reeve Foundation in a meaningful way by honoring Christopher Reeve's 1st appearance on Smallville.For this, we asked a well-known and gifted Fan - "Rhiannon" - to recap Christopher Reeve's Rosetta scene (pictured below) in which Christopher appears embodying a great hero. What is awesome is that many of us realized that the episode aired in the U.S. on February 25, 2003 and therefore its 7th year anniversary is coming up soon - in about a week! So, we thought that it will be WONDERFUL if you would like to post on the 25th of this month, in the community blog, Christopher Reeve's beautiful scene recapped by Rhiannon- as our Thank You gesture to the Foundation..." [Season 5 Clark & Lana image included w/article]

To read 'Rhinnon's' great recap and view this article: CLICK HERE



*February 19, 2010 [Date added to WofLL – 8/25/2010]

Sterling Gates, the current writer of the ‘Supergirl’ books, was interviewed by newsok.com - "Supergirl 50 is a huge milestone issue, not only for the series but also for the character,” Gates said. "It really delves into a lot of different facets of Supergirl’s life, ranging from what she means to the people of the DC Universe to what her relationship with her friends is like. At its core, it’s about Supergirl’s relationship with Lana Lang and what kind of destruction a friendship between a superhero and a regular person can cause.”Lana Lang, who hails from Smallville and was among Clark Kent’s best friends in high school, has become a mentor to Supergirl in Gates’ run.”

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*February 16, 2010

Mtv.com has an update on a Superman musical revival of “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman”. It states that “the story will also feature Clark Kent during his teens in Smallville with his first love, Lana Lang.” The musical is set to run from June 18-July 25, 2010 at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre in Dallas, Texas. To read more: CLICK HERE



*February 14, 2010 [Added to WofLL – 8/25/2010]

For Valentine’s Day, splashpagemtv.com selected their five favorite comic book romances that they’d love to see adapted on the big screen; Clark and Lana was one of them! “Valentine’s Day Special: Comic Book Romances That Need a Reboot - Shakespeare wrote that "Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds." And with Valentine's Day coming up, that phrase can be adapted for the comic book world to "love is not love which alters when alter-egos are found." After all, our favorite superheroes may battle villains for a living, but sometimes it's heartbreak that proves to be the ultimate enemy. On film we've seen Peter Parker woo Mary Jane, Rachel Dawes fall for Bruce Wayne, and even the Hulk get his heart pumping for Betty Ross. But in the lexicon of comic books, there's plenty of other stories that would make us feel all warm inside. Read on for five of our favorite comic book romances that we'd love to see adapted (in some cases, a second time) on the big screen. CLARK KENT AND LANA LANG - Now that Christopher Nolan is mentoring a Superman reboot, comic book fans will be looking for distance from "Superman Returns." A change from the more traditional onscreen romance of Clark and Lois, Clark and Lana's relationship traces its origins to high school. Directors wouldn't need to look farther than "Smallville" or "Superman III" to see successful adaptations on the Man of Steel's first crush. In the "Superman: Secret Origin" comic book series, Lana finds out about Clark's powers — another possible twist for the film franchise.”

To read who else made their Valentine’s Day wish-list: CLICK HERE



*February 14, 2010

MSN TV has named Clark and Lana (Smallville) as TV's Hottest Couple, which is a great nod considering Lana's character hasn't been on Smallville since last year lol...pretty cool! This is what was said “Knowing that Lois Lane is the love of Clark Kent's life kinda curtails too much emotional investment in Smallville's Clark/Lana pairing. But that didn't stop the writers from building it up for a while because it's a touching portrayal of first love."

To see the list: CLICK HERE



*February 12, 2010

Ifmagazine.com created a fun TV challenge: “The Pros and Cons on Why Chuck Should Get with Hannah or Sarah” They listed several pros and cons of both characters and snuck in a cute Superman/Lana reference in the process - “7)Superman. The man in tights could always come calling. He could want his Lana Lang back and no Intersect could protect him from that. Although I’m sure he’d [Chuck] put up a fight.”

To read all of the pros and cons of both characters and to share your thoughts on who is the best girl for ‘Chuck’: [Link No Longer Available]



*February 9, 2010

Lana Lang and Superman referenced on “Chuck”! (ign.com) “Since Shaw and Hannah have been introduced, we've all been wondering the same thing – could the pop culture loving Chuck writers resist the temptation of making a joke about the fact that Superman and Lana Lang were on the show now? The answer was no, which I am very happy about. Come on, we all wanted to see it referenced! Having Chuck say to Hannah that he supposed Shaw was good looking, "If you're into the strong, kind of Supermany kind of guy," was perfect, as the line was being said by the former Lana Lang about the former Superman. I don't think they need to make any more jokes about this, mind you, but it's good to have it out of the way, as it were.”

To read ign.com full review of the episode ‘Chuck vs. the Mask’: CLICK HERE



*February 1, 2010

Kristin Kreuk is interviewed by Rick Porter (zap2it.com) and talks about her guest appearance on ‘Chuck’ and if there is a chance of her returning to ‘Smallville.’ Zap2it: It also seems like they're letting you play a little lighter than you did ...
Kristin: On "Smallville"? Yes, that's true [laughs]. The tone is a lot different. The themes are similar, oddly, but the tone is so different. ... Both [Chuck and Clark Kent] are struggling with this hero's journey, but on "Smallville" there's a very serious tone. So for me, it was really nice to play a lighter side of it. And because I'm a guest star, Hannah's not in it like Sarah's in it. I don't have to play the angst as much, which is great.
Zap2it.com: Is there a chance you could return to "Smallville" at some point?
Kristin: I don't know. I haven't talked to them about it. ... The show's very different, and Lana -- it seems like she comes from a different "Smallville" time. So if they came up with something and it made sense and it was great, then sure -- if they wanted me to come back. And if not, that makes sense to me as well, because it doesn't seem right at this point in time. I don't know if you've seen the show recently, but she doesn't quite fit in the world. It's full of superheroes, and Lois and Clark have their love story now, and it would just be weird to have Lana come in.”

To read Kristin’s full interview: CLICK HERE



*February 1, 2010

Another Kristin Kreuk interview in which she talks about her guest appearance on “Chuck” and if Smallville has seen the last of Lana Lang (fancast.com). “Fancast: Is it safe to say that ‘Smallville’ has seen the last of Lana Lang?

Kristin: I think so. I mean, the show has changed so much it would be weird for her to come back in. You’re up on all of that, so you know – she was from a different ‘Smallville’ time.

Fancast: True, but I was thinking that maybe a big baddie one day kidnaps her and uses her as a weapon against Clark….

Kristin: But now she’s got superpowers.

Fancast: Right, right… She’s not easily kidnapped, I suppose.

Kristin: No, she’s not. [Laughs] I think she’s busy off somewhere else in the world.”

To read Kristin Kreuk’s full interview & learn more about her guest appearance on “Chuck”: CLICK HERE



January 2010

*January 2010

Kristin ranked #28 in “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2010”

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*January 2010

Kristin Kreuk ranked #55 in “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2010” [U.S. Version]

“#55 Kristin Kreuk - We’re in no position to disagree with Superman. And seeing as Kristin Kreuk played Clark Kent’s childhood sweetheart Lana Lang in Smallville for eight long years, it’s only fair we worship her. Plus, the 27-year-old Canadian has a penchant for kicking ass that emerged recently in 2009’s Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. We haven’t seen it, because no one has, but Kreuk said of her training schedule: “I did karate and all that kind of stuff.” So don’t say it’s garbage, or she’ll destroy you.”

To read the full list: CLICK HERE



*January 2010

Kristin Kreuk ranked #87 in “FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2010” [Australia Version]

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*January 2010

The music group “Coldplay” plays an acoustic version of the song “A Message” for ‘Hope For Haiti Now’ benefit. The song was played during Clark and Lana’s

‘first-time’ scene in Smallville’s episode titled “Mortal”.

Source Link: [Link No Longer Available]



*January 28, 2010

Buddytv.com talks about Kristin Kreuk’s first episode on “Chuck”. “The new romantic quagmire comes in the form of Hannah, played by the lovely Kristin Kreuk who was last seen on television as Clark Kent's first love, Lana Lang, on Smallville. Time out here, but is Chuck trying to fill a quota with actors involved in the Superman franchise? More than likely just a coincidence, but it still warrants a chuckle.” *chuckles*

To read more about Kristin Kreuk’s episode on “Chuck”: CLICK HERE



*January 26, 2010

Kristin Kreuk’s “First-Class” review of her first guest appearance on “Chuck” by cliqueclack.com “Again that mistrust makes me think there’s more to Kreuk’s character than we were led to believe, but I kind of hope there isn’t. I thought she had a great rapport with Chuck, and would love for her to stick around for awhile as a genuine, non-spy-related, love interest for him…Kreuk is at least back next week, per the previews, so we’ll see how her storyline plays out…Plus, Chuck really needs to get him some. And Lana Lang ain’t a bad get for a geek.”

To read the full review: CLICK HERE



*January 25, 2010

More on Kristin Kreuk’s guest appearance on “Chuck” by scifisquad.com - “Monday’s Sci-Fi TV: Lana Lang and Stone Cold Visit ‘Chuck’ - Superman himself, Brandon Routh, arrived last week to take over command of Operation Bartowski. This week, another Supes vet, Smallville's Kristin Kreuk, joins the show for an ongoing arc. Kreuk guest stars as Hannah, a successful IT tech who has fallen on hard times…”

To read the full write-up: CLICK HERE



*January 25, 2010

Tvguide.ca talks about Kristin Kreuk’s new character, Hannah on “Chuck”. Superman and friends invade ‘Chuck’ - Aside from its comedy, drama, suspense and action, [“Chuck”] also has romance, especially the tension between Chuck and Sarah. But it looks like Sarah’s got some stiff competition — Lana Lang, ahem, I mean, Hannah, played by Smallville alum Kristin Kreuk… [By] the end of the episode, Hannah walked in and honestly, I haven’t seen Chuck smile like that in a long time. Even though I’m a big Chuck/Sarah fan, the look on Chuck’s face when he saw Hannah was enough to actually make me root for another girl to win Chuck’s heart, something I never thought I’d do.”

To read the complete write-up: CLICK HERE



*January 22, 2010

Exclusive interview with Kristin Kreuk and her guest appearance on “Chuck” and was asked if ‘Superman’ and ‘Lana’ share a scene - by Jenna Busch (tv.ign.com) “Chuck Me Out, baby! Thought casting Brandon 'Superman' Routh was cool? Well, now we have Lana Lang herself, Kristin Kreuk of Smallville fame…Smallville's Lana Lang talks about her upcoming guest appearances on Chuck.

IGN: So, last week we were introduced to Brandon Routh, the other Superman. Everyone wants to know if you guys have any scenes together and if that had anything to do with the casting.

Kreuk: I don't know if it had anything to do with the casting. I'm not sure. But we don't ever really work together. I think I said hi to Brandon once on set in passing. But there is a scene where they're interacting with each other, but she doesn't know she's interacting with him. [laughs] The story lines cross, but not directly.”

To read Kristin’s full interview: CLICK HERE



*January 22, 2010

NewsOk.com lists their top 30 guest stars airing in January and Kristin Kreuk is highlighted along with a great Lana image from the episode “Wrath”. “Kristin Kreuk (“Smallville”) on “Chuck,” 7 p.m. Monday on NBC.”

To read their full list: CLICK HERE



*January 21, 2010

Actors Joshua Gomez who plays Morgan on “Chuck” and Sarah Lancaster who plays Ellie talk about Kristin Kreuk’s guest appearance on the show by scifiwire.com . “I have a couple really, really fun scenes with [Kristin]," Gomez said. "She was great, by the way. She is excellent, really talented actress, really adorable and beautiful and the whole thing. She was really, really cool, and to walk into our group, I think she would look at me and Zach [Levi] sometimes like, 'What the hell world am I on?' Because me and Zach just have our thing, and she's just like, 'Oh, you two are out of your minds.' But she hung with us, and she was really funny, man. She was really funny."

Ellie has already been suspicious of Chuck (Levi) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) as they try to cover up their spy activities. Imagine her surprise when she walks in on her brother macking on Lana Lang. "Ellie walks in on a very uncomfortable moment between her and Chuck," Lancaster said. "Because Chuck is not actively participating in Ellie's day-to-day life, she had no idea that he was dating this new girl and kind of walks in on a peculiar moment."

To read more on “Chuck’s” 3rd season: CLICK HERE



*January 18, 2010

Bleacherreport.com ranked Kristin #8 in “The 25 Hottest Sports Gals to Ever Crack the [askmen.com] List.” “We know Kristin Kreuk from her time getting saved by Superman on Smallville, but we wouldn't have gotten that pleasure if it weren't for an unfortunate event in her life. Kreuk was actually training in gymnastics as a national level until scoliosis forced her to quit during her junior year of high school. As sad at that is, I'm glad she kept that figure, and I'm glad I got to watch it on TV.”

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*January 15, 2010

Uk.tv.ign.com interviews Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and was asked if there would be any reference made to Clark and Lana during his and Kristin Kreuk’s guest appearance on “Chuck.” “Both Brandon Routh and this season's other new notable cast addition, Smallville's Kristin Kreuk, have major ties to the Superman franchise, but Routh said there was no big plan at work by the producers that caused that to occur. "I was told that was kind of just happenstance," Routh noted. Asked whether any big reference would be made to Clark Kent and Lana Lang both being on the series at the same time, Routh replied, "You don't want to do too much of that, because it can take people out of the moment. So thankfully, no." *Boooooo* [Update; There was a Superman/Lana reference made in the episode titled “Chuck vs. the Mask” yea!] 

Source Link: CLICK HERE



*January 9, 2010

Givememyremote.com talks about Kristin Kreuk’s guest appearance on “Chuck” and of course mentions her connection to the Superman-verse. “And that brings us to some fantastic guest stars this season…So when it was announced that two alums from the world of Superman were going to be appearing in third season arcs, I was nothing but excited. Brandon Routh, who played Superman in the latest big screen version of the franchise, joins the world of Chuck as ‘Shaw’…Another guest star familiar with the man of steel is Kristin Kreuk, who played Lana Lang on The CW’s Smallville. Kreuk plays Hannah, a beautiful woman that Chuck gets to know well at 30,000 feet in the air. But will he get to know her better on solid ground?”

To read the full write-up about “Chuck”: CLICK HERE



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